We are TONIK+

TONIK+ and our TVI (TONIK Video Intelligence) technology is the industry’s first AI driven video pre-processing software that programmatically finds new audiences for your brand and remixes video content based on actual user consumption patterns. Content is then amplified across all channels including all 5 major social platforms and YouTube, assigned a unique score and optimized for continued amplification. This ensures that the right content is reaching the right people, at the right place, at the right time.


Key Features

  • Proprietary software pre-processes any video and breaks it down at a scene and topic level

  • Programatic remixing of video content based on where, when and who is engaging frame by frame down to the second

  • Unlocks new targeting groups when merged with Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, Snapchat, Twitter or Pinterest data either current OR historical

  • The TONIK+ Terrain tool assists creatives with deep insights around brand, competition and trends

  • Remixed content goes into a queue for client approval

  • Seamlessly amplify content across all of the 5 major social platforms as well as YouTube and conquest new audiences 

  • Content is assigned an AI driven TONIK+ score which groups content according to performance.

  • Higher performing content continues to be amplified while lower performing content is re-optimized for your campaign


Get Started in 3 easy steps


1. Send us a YouTube Link

Supply TONIK+ with a YouTube link to your existing video(s) of choice that you’d like analyzed.


2. We’ll process it

We process the video through TVI (TONIK Video Intelligence).


3. Get the report

TONIK+ will deliver a customized report that includes data analysis, how to optimize your existing content, content strategy moving forward and next steps with detailed insights for your brand or product.


TONIK Video Intelligence

TONIK+ helps brands maximize resonance by driving top line revenue through our proprietary data science platform. This guides dynamic personalized digital content creation and AI driven remixing, thereby delivering a bespoke experience, creating trust, then maximizing user engagement and conversion.


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